Carry out your own vein check

Give your legs the attention they deserve and help ensure a pain-free future.

The Followig Checklist was produced on the recommendation of leading specialists. While this vein check cannot replace a through examination by your doctor, it enables you to easily identify whether you are at risk of developing varicose veins or serious venous disease. Once you have answered all the questions, check your score.

Vein Check
Yes  No
1. Does your work require you to sit or stand for lond period of time?
2. Are you overweight?
3. Does anyone from your family suffer from leg complaints,e.g. varicose veins?
4. Are you pregnant?
5. Are you over the age of 50?
6. Do you take hormone supplements,e.g. the pill or supplements to help with the menopause?
7. Have you had leg surgery?
8. Have you noticed any changes to your legs?
9. Has the skin around your lower leg or ankles altered?
10. Do you have spider veins on your legs?
11. Do you have varicose veins?
12. Have you ever been diagnosed with phlebitis?
13. Are your ankles swollen in the evening?
14. Do your leg problems ease when you elevate your legs?
15. Have you ever had leg a thrombosis?
16. Have you ever had a venous ulcer?