For a stylish appearance I choose TOP FINE SELECT at any time.

  • Opaque structure
  • Only best-selling models
  • Sock/stocking of attractive appeal
  • For all indications of compression class I and II

Downtown, with friends or in the family, TOP FINE SELECT is the ideal companion throught the day. Its OPAQUE structure discreetly hides the visible signs of a venous problem, giving the wearer confidence in any situation. Thanks to the fine combination of high - quality yarns, these stockings are pleasantly comfortable to wear and whats is more, they look attractive.



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Yes, your risk of developing an ulcer is elevated. The vessels’ functioning is so disturbed that there is stasis. Then edema appears and your skin aspect changes – at first a color change, then it itches and eczema appears. As time passes, your skin hardens. A small wound or an inflammation due to a mosquito bite are enough to cause deterioration to your skin. An ulcer forms. These changes appear gradually and can in most cases be resolved with treatment.

No, as the risk factors like genetic predisposition and higher age cannot be treated. But you can prevent symptoms and also signs of chronic venous insufficiency if you have varicose veins. Keep moving! Use the staircase rather than the elevator. Practice a sport that stimulates your venous system like cycling, swimming, or walking. Raise your legs and move as often as possible. It is also recommended to shower your legs with cold water and to wear compression socks or stockings.